Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blonde or Brunette- How do you like Masiela?

Masiela Lusha seems like a remarkable new star, capturing the minds of the young, as much for her looks as her other achievements. Her style has become quite popular since she appeared as Carmen Lopez in ‘The George Lopez Show’. She’s been spotted both as a brunette and a blonde at different times, carrying off both with terrific aplomb.

Carmen was a brunette, and looking like a real Hispanic. Masiela colored her hair blonde for the movie ‘Time of the Comet’ and for an upcoming flick ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’. She’s a face that goes with any color, and looks a natural in every. It’s tough to determine which style of Masiela Lusha we love more. Here’s a variety of Masiela Lusha photos to help you choose.

Emily’s Love for Horror

Legs folded, hands gripping the armrest till the knuckles turn white; yet we continue to watch in fear to see the terror unfold. That is the magnetic pull of the horror genre. Horror films are an absolute adrenaline rush, and one actress who seems to have an obvious liking for ghosts and darkness is Emily O’Brien.

Look at her credit list of works; you’ll observe that there have already been two horror features in her career. This penchant has started as early as in 2003, when she was the lead in a student film called ‘Pleasant Dreams’, directed by Kevin Klauber. This one secured the third place in the San Diego Film Festival awards.

That must’ve just given her a taste of the thrill that creepy movies are. The gutsy girl has gone again on to be a part of the chilling 2006 movie ‘Séance’, directed by Mark L. Smith. One look at the trailer and it’s enough to make even the brave hearts scurry for cover.

There have been instances during the making of horror flicks, when actors have dropped out of the projects midway, because they lost their peace. But Emily’s gone on to do two of such a kind. This talented actress is definitely made of steel. Quite the Iron Woman, isn’t she?

Being the Multifaceted Girl

Masiela Lusha, the actress popularly known as Carmen Lopez, switched over to the other side of spotlight and turned reporter for the Tampax-sponsored She was at the premiere of the new movie ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ at Los Angeles on May 31st, walking the red carpet in a chic pair of jeans (in sync with the movie style) and a fuchsia-colored T-shirt representing Being Girl.

Masiela interviewed some famous American television artists, much like herself- Alexis Bledel, Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, Blake Lively and more. Masiela must have a knack for great communication, really. She’s proved she’s mastered writing with her collection of poetry. Now, she’s shown she can be a smooth talker too. This girl is truly amazing. Check out more Masiela Lusha photos in her website dedicated to her fans.

Interview with a difference!

Did any of you check out Lucy Hale’s interview with Buddy TV?

The gal surprises us with her genuine love for what she is doing. She seems simple and courteous going by the way she has handled the numerous questions on her latest show. Though Hale is a singer and actress, she wants to try out anything that is challenging.

Cool, matured and sharp are thoughts that first come to mind during this interview. There is a large transformation of her since the American Juniors days. She has come out of her singer image and has beautifully transcended into a television star. Don’t miss Lucy Hale in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants part 2 and 3. It would definitely be worth the wait.

Compassionate Sister Agnes!

Wow! What Compassion. That is what comes to mind when Masiela Lusha lights up the screen in ‘Time of the Comet’. The movie is about a Catholic nun and a Muslim rebel. The story is about contradictions and Masiela is a perfect match to the contradictory feelings experienced by the nun. Her face is a personification of compassion and love to her roots and people in a time of political unrest. Such varied emotions and that’s what makes it such a lovely performance.

Lusha has the perfect combination of a naïve but determined personality. Agnes’s chemistry with Shestan is very powerful and they portray love that goes beyond barriers. What a change from Carmen Lopez, the free and happy youngster of The George Lopez Show. She shows how much she can adapt to scripts and modes of entertainment with ease. Let us wait and see how Masiela can get more creative with her roles!

Emily, As Gypsy Rose Lee…

With her undying passion for acting, Emily O’Brien has worked her way to fame. While she still has a lot more to accomplish, her fans for sure would want to know more about her remarkable on-stage performances. Emily, who started with stage-plays at school, went on to pursue her theater majors in MiraCosta College. Her clear focus helped her in her career, and she soon found herself playing some exceptional roles on stage. Her role as Gypsy Rose Lee in ‘Gypsy’ was one such.

Shortly before moving to Los Angeles, Emily played the character of the infamous Gypsy Rose Lee. Set in 1939, ‘Gypsy’ is based on a true story of a girl named Louise, whose mother pushes her into burlesque. She then becomes the famous Gypsy Rose Lee, a stripper, who teased but never really stripped. ‘Gypsy’ was a musical and it required long, tedious rehearsals, and Emily untiringly worked to give her best performance.

Describing the narrative, Emily says that one of her favorite scenes was the strip sequence that required her to change into 5 or 6 different intricately designed dresses behind a curtain, with only two people to help her, and just a few seconds to do it. She had to then come out and sing a verse followed by a seductive monologue. Although it was a sweaty challenge for her, she claims it to be the best one by far.

Emily says that ‘Gypsy’ is probably her favorite and most memorable play. The play holds a special place in her heart, as she had grown very close to the cast and crew and also because it was her last year to perform with this cast before moving to LA. Emily O Brien now stands in the threshold of major stardom. Her talent and aptitude have become evident from her performance in ‘The Young and the Restless’. With her inspiring journey to fame, she sets an example for all those youngsters, who wish to make appropriate career decisions.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Justin’s Personal Favorite, Attack of the Growling Eyeball

It’s not a film that Justin Martin has acted but the title of a book that he loves to read. It was revealed in the just concluded Los Angeles Film Festival, which he attended. As part of this festival, its organizers had arranged a ‘Family Day Book Reading’ event. Justin took part in it along with Kim Wayens. The book he chose was ‘Attack of the Growling Eyeballs (Who Shrunk Daniel Funk?)’.

It was an amusing selection from Justin as it is a fun and delightful book. This book is written by none other than Lin Oliver who is not only a seasoned children’s book writer but also the successful producer of several family movies. ‘Attack of the Growling Eyeballs’ narrates the story of a boy named Daniel Funk who one day finds himself shrunk down to the size of his toe. Later he realizes that shrinking runs in his family and during his escapades discovers his twin brother, Pablo Funk, and also the secret behind his shrinking.

Justin read out this book to some younger kids who were delighted to see their favorite star and listen to his reading. Justin spent some time with the kids and went on to attend the premiere of the movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Masiela’ Favorite Reads

Masiela Lusha is not only famous as an actress but is also widely known for her flair for writing. When she was asked to pick her favorite books, it came as a surprise to all that she selected Aesop’s Fables and the original German translation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Everyone thought that a writer of her caliber would choose something different like a good book of poetry. Therefore her choice amazed all, as these two books are widely considered to be children’s books. But for Masiela any book that is well written is a good pick, and both Aesop’s Fables and Grimm’s Fairy Tales belong to that category.

Children’s and Household Tales widely known today as Grimm’s Fairy Tales is her favorite as (in her words) “It's so fun reading the early stories on some of our country's most popular fairy tales. They were much darker then and were originally used to scare kids instead of entertain them!"

Aesop’s Fables or Aesopica, as we all know, are stories that conveyed a positive message. Though it was actually meant for children, these stories drive home moral values that can be found beneficial by all, irrespective of age. Masiela, truly this is a good pick as these fables are more relevant in today’s world than it was at the time of Aesop.

The Little Sister is now a Twin Sis!

Audiences are in for a surprise. The younger sister of ‘Bionic woman’, Becca, is now on a transformation phase. Gone are the days of adorable innocence and Lucy Hale is now staring in ‘Privileged’, to be aired on CW from September 2008. The story is an adaptation from the book ‘How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls’. Hale plays a bubbly and charismatic girl who wants to go and prove herself out. She feels the character is a part of her own self! Ashley who plays the other twin, shares a rare chemistry with Hale.

Lucy was one of the American Juniors band members who struck a chord with the audiences. She has come a long way from being a band member to being cast in a lead role. This proves that talent at anytime is more powerful than anything else.

A Charity Foundation with a Purpose

Not every person feels charitable. Not every person DOES charity. There’s a huge difference in thinking good and doing good. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of one incident that becomes a turning point; just like King Ashoka who turned to Buddhism with gusto after a bloody war. This is exactly what comes to mind when you read about Masiela Lusha’s life changing moment in Balkans, where she saw hopelessness and suffering that brought out the missionary in her to form ‘The Masiela Lusha Foundation’.

The foundation is still embryonic and hasn’t taken off on a full scale yet. It however, has great dreams and plans for making a difference to the lives of many children and their homeless families. They visualize tapping the potential, intelligence and strength of each individual who hasn’t been given a chance to realize them. Mothers and children will be nurtured to move on to a better life. The foundation will be working in tandem with other charitable organizations, with the pursuit to provide the best facilities.

The first of many targets is the construction of a community shelter in Palmdale, and a school nearby. Another goal is to build a community across America and Europe that shares success stories. It would be a haven for people who look to have a new lease on life. The third and the most primary aim, is to build the Masiela Lusha Foundation Academy, specifically established to groom children for leadership. Children will be encouraged to explore literature, delve into inspiring biographies and debate about successful leadership philosophies. The intention is to strengthen the students to face the world and make a difference.

Masiela’s charitable spree was visible even during her school days initially, and later during her stint with the ABC, when she participated in community service activities on a large scale. Here’s a wish that her foundation is resilient, and has the support system to stand through the worst. If every one of us takes a leaf out of Masiela’s book and really do some charity, the world would be an infinitely better place to live in.

The Young Face of Popular Stars

Two movies with very intriguing storylines, are hitting the theatres this autumn. Joe Wright’s ‘The Soloist’ and Gary Fleder’s ‘The Express’. Both of them have as protagonists, two very popular African American actors. While Jamie Foxx stars in the former, ‘Finding Forrester’ star Rob Brown takes the lead in the latter.

But what’s most common between the two movies? You’ll observe the presence of young Justin Martin in both the flicks. He plays the teenage version of the stars. You’ll be amazed to see the uncanny resemblance he carries with both the actors. Fits the bill perfectly. We’ll probably see him taking on the mantle and filling in their large shoes as an adult actor very soon.

Emily, Actor Theatre Personality

What is so special about theatre performers? They are actors who bring out varied emotions alive on the stage. There’s no re-take and it should be a coordinated effort from the entire cast. Emily O’Brien of ‘The Young and the Restless’ was the surprise package in the spring season of theatre festivals.

American College Theatre Festival is a blooming ground for budding talent. This festival is special for Emily, since she as alumni, has enacted scenes from "Moon over Buffalo," "Autobahn," "Dylan," and "Lend Me a Tenor". What a surprise to fans like me, who thought that she was a newcomer in the acting arena.

The varying tones combined with apt expressions seemed to be coming from a seasoned actress. Emily is a bundle of acting talent. Be it dramas or theatre she seems to walk away with all the accolades. It is no surprise that Emily was a finalist at the ACTF Festival in Phoenix, and a nominee at the festival in Utah. She also won the 3rd place for "Othello" at the DTASC Shakespeare Festival.

Theatre is one place which showcases the versatility of an actor. Actors like Emily make theatre personalities all the more unique and special.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Becoming Carmen Lopez…

Talking about ‘The George Lopez Show’, what’s the first thing that you recall? If your answer is ‘Carmen Lopez’, then it’s not surprising at all. That’s the kind of impact she left on us. Carmen Lopez is not just the favorite of viewers, but she’s Masiela’s favorite character too. Becoming Carmen Lopez has been an experience Masiela cherishes the most. So, wouldn’t you want to know how she became the Carmen who won our hearts? Here you go!

Masiela was just 16 when she auditioned for the role of Carmen Lopez. Since the character was just 13, she went to the audition dressed in an over-sized fuchsia pink sweater with Winnie the Pooh overalls. During the audition when Masiela proudly exclaimed that George’s character reminded her of her own father, the entire room burst out laughing and one of the writers said, “We’re sorry to hear that!” Masiela instantly fell in love with the crew and their relationship bloomed into a friendship during the following year.

It was almost a month, before Masiela received a call for the final auditions. While she continued to act during this period, she realized that none of her other roles was as appealing to her as Carmen. During her second audition at the ABC building, Masiela delved into her imagination and gave a performance that projected her aptitude for the role. It was this performance that introduced the unforgettable Carmen to us. Two hours later, Masiela got a call from the producers with an offer that changed her life forever.

Masiela Lusha went on to rock the show as Carmen Lopez. As a vehement, zealous, vigorous teenager, she won the hearts of many. Masiela still has many roles to play and many things to prove, but as Carmen, she’ll always remain in our hearts.

Why is Emily Beaming with Joy?

Do you want to know the reason behind the big smile on Emily’s face? Well, she was recently honored by MiraCosta College where she learned the nuances of acting. She was inducted in the College’s new Theatre Hall of Fame along with three others. The others are Wendell Wright, Kathi Nishimoto and Joshua Everett Johnson. Isn’t that a moment to feel proud?

The theatre Hall of Fame, which was unveiled on the occasion, has photos of notable alumni of the College’s theatre department. This has been done to motivate the current students who will get to know the inspiring journey of these eminent personalities.

Emily O’ Brien, who belonged to the class of 2005, was present on the occasion and was very much overwhelmed by the felicitation ceremony. She along with Johnson (class of 2003) spoke about their wonderful experiences at MiraCosta. She didn’t forget to thank Mr. Bishop, the theatre professor, for the skills that she learned from him during the acting class. She made special mention about ‘script–scoring’, a skill that she acquired from him.

Emily had been to very many events and has been felicitated on many occasions but she is going to cherish this occasion for sure, as it is special.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lucy, the Bionic Woman

Lucy Hale may not have portrayed the bionic woman herself, in the TV Show, but she sure is close to one in reality; at least in terms of her willpower. The fact that Lucy, still in her teens, has come a long way from being a singer to becoming an actor proves her determination in working towards her goal.

In NBC’s Bionic Woman, Lucy Hale plays Becca Sommers, the sister of the protagonist. Becca, a budding hacker helps her sister Jaime to reconnect with their parents who have neglected them due to their previous activities involving activism and saving the world.

Lucy, who started out as a singer in American Juniors 2003, ventured into acting after the band dissolved. She did guest roles in TV shows such as Drake & Josh, The O.C., and How I Met Your Mother. Her big break came with Bionic Woman in which she plays a significant role in the narrative. And that’s not all. Lucy Hale is all set for her big screen release ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’, in which she plays Effie, Lena’s sister. With this and her new show ‘Privileged’ coming up, Lucy is sure to prove that she’s a woman of strength and substance; a bionic woman indeed!

Justin Martin- A Child Prodigy

It’s the age of hybrid kids. Really! Children have their five fingers dipped in five different things now. They want to be a jack of all and a master of all as well. When we marvel at the child actors emoting like their adult counterparts, we think it’s so commendable for their age. But reading a biography on some child actors proves our ignorance that they are skilled in a lot more than just acting.

This space talks about Justin Martin, who is one really special child actor. He’s 14, and has been in the acting business since seven. Look at the list at his credits in such a short span; in television, he’s been a part of episodic roles in ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ and ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, and later in Nickelodeon’s ‘Drake & Josh’, and CBS’s ‘Judging Amy’.

On big screen, Justin’s in the cast of movies like ‘Doing Hard Time’, ‘Black Water Transit’, and upcoming flicks like ‘The Express’ and ‘The Soloist’. Justin has also done theatre. He played young Simba in Broadway’s take on ‘The Lion King’ in 2006. That set the platform for his role as Travis Younger, in the television movie ‘A Raisin in the Sun’, which was invited at the Sundance Film Festival.

Justin’s also got his CV full with commercials for brands like Mercedes, Shoney’s and Bounty paper towels. Wait on, that’s just not it. This super kid is a talented dancer and singer, who pens his own compositions. He plays the trumpet, drums and piano, and has now learnt to play the cello during the making of ‘The Soloist’. The boy must be something, since he’s also learnt hoofing style of tap dancing, to add to his other talents. This honor student/member of the National Honor Society unquestionably proves that it IS the age of hybrid kids.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Masiela Hosts ‘Models Around the World’

The philanthropist in Masiela Lusha was spotted again this July when she hosted the ‘Models Around the World’ charity event at Universal City Walk. This event was organized to launch the new TV show ‘Models Around the World’ and magazine. A humanitarian to the core she doesn’t miss any events that are organized for the poor and the helpless. She started her own charity foundation on seeing the plight of the people in her homeland. By hosting this event she was able to garner support for her foundation as well.

‘Models Around the World’, a new television show, aims to unearth the hidden talents of the world. The organizers of this show will travel the world to discover the local models, stylists and designers and give them a platform to showcase their talents. These participants will then compete against each other and the best of the lot will be awarded.

The organizers have also come up with a magazine called ‘MATW’ and the first issue of this magazine features Masiela Lusha on its front cover. Since Masiela is a model herself, her presence is in itself an encouragement for the participants.

Beach Interviews

Paul Butcher as seen in his Beach Interviews seems to be a really cool guy. He is very different from the young nerdy character that he plays on Zoey 101. He was promoting his website and he seems very down to Earth. He had no starry airs about him, though he is such an important part of a hit series.

Paul Butcher like a regular guy, like any one of us was having fun at the beach and talking about his favorite musicians. He spoke about his show and his website. He invited all of us, his fans to visit his website often. He used the word friends and not fans, which goes to prove that he is very real and understands the value of the people behind his success.

Illuminary Visions

It’s no mystery that dreams are a start to any successful endeavor. Especially, in the world of Hollywood, you go nowhere without a dream. Most successful production houses in the industry have dreamed big. After the Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Disney, Fox and Touchstone, we hear there’s another production house that’s got mighty plans. Heard of Illuminary Pictures? It’s a one-year old foundation by the immensely talented Albanian American actress Masiela Lusha. Relatively, it’s a babe in the big jungle, but growing rapidly.

Masiela’s only 23 and it’s surprising to see that she’s the CEO of a production house this young. Very impressive! She has high ambitions for her company. The aim is to be a part of high-concept, commercially viable, and entertaining features that would make a cultural and humanitarian difference among the international audience. Masiela herself has had oodles of experience in the industry as an actress. She’s started her career seven years ago with ‘Summoning’. So it’s an early start as an actor as well.

Illuminary Pictures has some promising scripts in its kitty- ‘Graf’, ‘On, Cupid!’, ‘Angel Hair’ and ‘Yellow Rose of Savona’. The production house appears to be very technology-friendly and is waiting to bring out some special effects flicks from its stables. Seems like it’s on the right track. So, here’s wishing the young and ambitious Masiela Lusha all the luck!

Emily O'brien's Theatre Experience

Many people are familiar with Emily O'brien's work on screen, but off screen she's established herself as an excellent stage actress.

She recently performed a reading of "The Trial of the Catsonville Nine," with her cast mates on the "Young and the Restless." They performed in Palm Springs at the Palm Theatre under the direction of Judith Chapman.

The play is about nine catholic nuns, nurses, priests and others that burned draft files and went to prison as a result. What makes this play so interesting is that many of the characters in the story are still alive. Emily watched a documentary about the people in preparation for her role.

She enjoyed being on the stage again.

The Albanian among Hispanics

Stand up comedians make really good on screen actors in a comic role. It’s obviously a flair that comes naturally with their background. Jerry Seinfeld is the best example. He may be more popular for his non-acting skills, but people took to him because he was simply funny. ‘Seinfeld’ must have been one of the funniest shows ever to be aired on American television, and its characters are iconic. There’s another stand-up comedian whose show became immensely popular; that’s George Lopez.

The George Lopez Show was a Sandra Bullock production, showcasing the life of a Hispanic family. It’s believed that there’s a grouch among the Latino community that there haven’t been enough actors picked up from their stables. This show seemed like it was an answer to their grievances. An almost all-Hispanic cast accompanied George Lopez in this show. The only exception in this crowd was Masiela Lusha, the Albanian American actress, who played George’s firebrand daughter, Carmen. Her character was highly appreciated and became glued to her image. She had a very successful stint with the show while she was a part of it (the first five seasons), and won two Young Artist Award for Best Actress.

George Lopez plays himself here, just like Seinfeld did. There’s no change in name or character. It’s an uncanny similarity, something that’s been highly successful for both.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jana Hawkes – The Combo Personality!

It’s a real mystery why a particular twist in the drama is made. It leads to nail biting moments before we get to know what or who exactly is the reason. It is usually an unsuspecting character that takes credit for such twists and turns. Though television drama series presents many such characters, there are only a handpicked few who make the desired mark.

Dichotomous roles are a pleasure to watch, especially with the dashing and young Emily O’Brien as Jana Hawkes in the Young and Restless series. This character is portrayed in a new way that makes Jana special. She’s vulnerable and deceptive at the same moment. This usually comes from a seasoned actor and it’s a surprise that this series is the first for Emily. When there is a streak of mystery to a drama personality it makes viewers sit up. Well, that’s what makes the whole experience worth the watch.

Let’s wait and see how many more edgy moments Jana has to offer!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Paul Butcher, a Child Prodigy

The subject of child prodigies has always been fascinating. Paul Butcher, son of an equally famous father though in a different discipline, became a household name with his role in the hit American sitcom Zoey 101. His acting career that started when he was barely 7 years old, has been keeping him very busy.

Apart from making his appearances in some of the most notable TV shows like NYPD blue, ER, and That 70s Show, Paul’s played noticeable roles in movies like Hollywood Homicide, The Number 23 and Land Speed. He’s also lent his voice to some of the animation characters in Meet the Robinsons, Over the Hedge and He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown. Paul is able to do Midwestern, British and Southern accents.

Paul says “The proudest day of my life was when I got the awesome role of Dustin Brooks on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101”. He played the role of Zoey’s brother who studies in a fictional boys school called Pacific Coast Academy or the PCA. It narrates the story of Zoey, who decides to be the first girl student in PCA and the situations that she finds herself in.

Paul butcher has managed a very impressive resume in this short period and his career shows a steady upward graph.

Emily as Karen Wright

With one look at the profile of Emily O’Brien it’s very much obvious that she is one lucky actress, for her theatrical experience is very strong. She had the opportunity to work with very good directors and portray, though few but wonderful characters on stage. For instance, she played to perfection the roles of Karen Wright in ‘The Children’s Hour’, as Marjorie Melville in ‘The Trial of the Catonsville Nine’, as Gypsy Rose Lee in ‘Gypsy’ and also as an uptight woman in ‘The Vagina Monologues’.

Emily considers herself fortunate for having played Karen Wright, a character in the controversial play of the 1930’s. Written by Lillian Hellman ‘The Children’s Hour’ narrates the heart-wrenching story of two friends whose reputation is maligned by a rumor and the havoc that it creates in their lives. It dealt with the bold concept of lesbianism.

Emily was all of 18 when she first performed Karen on stage, but the way she portrayed the inner conflicts and turmoil of Karen speak for itself the talent of this beautiful actress. It was a difficult role to portray as it needed a heavy emotional performance but Emily did it with a lot of conviction. The devastation caused to Karen by the slanderous rumor as well her best friend’s death had been shown impeccably by this gifted actress.

It’s a performance that has to be seen to admire it so if you ever get an opportunity to see her performance, don’t miss it.

Emily, the New Face of Animation

Just a second; simply glance through before you go to the next topic because what’s in your mind is not what you are going to read here. Yes, it is related to animation but it’s completely different from what you think. It’s not yet another animated movie in which Emily O’Brien is lending her voice. What Emily is doing is altogether a different concept known as facial animation in which her face is recreated digitally by converting the measurements of her face into animation. This is being attempted for the first time in the history of computer animation by Image Metrics, a leading animation company.

As part of this project, Emily would be the face of this Computer Generated (CG) character. Each of Emily’s facial expression would be reproduced on this CG ‘Emily’ model so that her fans won’t miss her when they see her ‘clone’ on screen; it will be that real.

It’s not sure what kind of innovative idea they have in mind as we have seen similar kinds of animations before. Who can forget Angelina Jolie mesmerizing everyone seductively in the motion capture computer animated picture, Beowulf? There is no inkling as to the difference between the two but it will be revealed soon as Image Metrics has plans of releasing this at the Siggraph convention scheduled to start in August this year. It’s been heard that Emily will be attending this computer animation festival. In that case, fans of Emily don’t miss this opportunity as you’ll get to see the real Emily and the CG Emily together for the first time at the same venue.

Watch this space for updates!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Masiela’s Journey to Fame

Positioned at the threshold of major stardom, Masiela Lusha traced her journey, in an interview with Michelle Blood. Auditioning in Hollywood has its share of ups and downs. Looking back Masiela is sure to feel proud of how much she has accomplished in her journey to fame; although there’s still much more for her to prove in the time to come.

As a level-headed person, with a supportive family, Masiela made her way to Hollywood with her mother, to pursue acting. Her journey began with TV appearances on ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’. There’s no doubt that it’s her positive attitude that led her to succeed in all her endeavors. With her role as Carmen in over 100 episodes of ‘The George Lopez Show’, Masiela broke all barriers in her path to fame.

Arriving in Hollywood, Masiela started taking acting classes. And taking classes from different coaches broadened her exposure and made her understand the different viewpoints in acting. This enabled her to build her own approach to Hollywood- an approach that sure has worked wonders for her!

Auditioning for numerous shows was another one of the stepping stones to her success. Masiela’s first audition for an ABC show didn’t get her the role. She went in prepared for a comic performance when the audition was to test her skill in drama. This made her learn, although the hard way, that it is important to study every show in detail before any audition. When Masiela auditioned for ‘The George Lopez Show’, it was a long wait. She thought that she didn’t win the part and went on with her other auditions. But, the wait was an indication that ABC was actually considering her for the role. Masiela thoroughly enjoyed her role as Carmen and proved her aptitude with her spectacular performance. She quickly shot to fame as the prototype of a bold, zealous teenage girl.

Masiela Lusha has twin-dreams with regard to her literary and acting careers. Nothing can stop her from pursuing them. She has a very clear picture of her future and tirelessly works towards achieving what she desires. The fact that failures do not discourage her, but rather motivate her to do better, demonstrates her winning spirit, which is sure to take her to unimaginable heights of fame.

Masiela Trivia

Multi-talented Masiela is full of surprises; in her on-screen performances and in her literary works, she leaves an ever-lasting impact on her fans. If you’re her admirer, you’re sure to know that she’s 22 and was born in Tirana in Albania, is a Scorpio; and of course that she played Carmen in ‘The George Lopez Show’ and also that she’s all set for her big-screen flicks this year. However, a true Masiela Lusha fan is not gonna be contented with that much info. For all those ardent fans out there, here’s some cool Masiela trivia!

Answering some basic questions from, Masiela recently revealed some facts about herself, much to the delight of her fans: Would you have guessed your favorite star’s favorite channel is the Food Network? Or that she enjoys S’mores for dinner and for breakfast? Considering her hour-glass figure could you tell she’s a food fan and that you’ll find Coco Puffs and Fruity Pebbles in her cupboard? And here comes the ‘you-know-what’ revelation: Mc Donald’s is her favorite fast-food joint and she likes to order the double cheeseburgers. Can you believe that! Well of course, she sheds it all out doing her ballet everyday.

If you like Ariel from ‘Little Mermaid’ then you should be euphoric ’cause that’s Masiela’s favorite cartoon character too. And if you’ve been wondering, what’s the kind of thing that entertains Masiela Lusha, then here’s what you’ll find in her iPod playlist; Chinese, French and German pop and the weekly horoscope! Did you know that she owns a Sidekick cell phone and a Maltese named Daisy, who was a gift from the cast of the George Lopez Show, for her 18th birthday?

Masiela admits that she’s an extremely shy person, and that’s ironic considering that she’s a talented, ambitious, young woman. She likes to start her day by reading something intelligent. Someday, she wants to receive the Oscar and the Pulitzer Prize. So, let’s all wish her the very best of luck in realizing her big dream.

Muertas- Portraying Harsh Reality

As Araceli, a factory worker in Juarez, Mexico, Masiela Lusha demonstrated to the viewers her versatility and her ability to handle heavy roles, amazingly well. The story of ‘Muertas’ is based on the brutal killings in Mexico, and Araceli is one of the women of Juarez, who want to escape to America. When Masiela understood her role from the script, she realized the weight of her character and worked towards doing full justice to it.

In preparation for her role as Araceli, Masiela learnt Spanish, as the role required her to speak the language. She gave her best performance by memorizing the dialogues and giving them the right feel. Masiela draws inspiration from Araceli, in her conviction and willingness to take risks. “Portraying one of the characters victimized in Juarez was an experience I’ll never forget”, says Masiela.

Every film gives her a unique experience making her learn something about herself. Whereas Muertas, Masiela says, reflects her mother’s experiences of fleeing from a communist country. “The film was a tribute to my mother’s integrity and strength” she says. However, Araceli is a personification of inner power and determination- features that characterize Masiela Lusha as well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High School Musical 3 Star Justin Martin

Justin Martin stars as Donny Dion, in the upcoming release of High School Musical 3. Donny Dion is the ball boy on a basketball team that idolizes Troy (Zac Efron) and Chad (Corbin Bleu).

Justin's sister was a fan of High School Musical, before he went to the first audition, so when the agency called for him to do a casting, he was very excited. In the audition he had to sing HSM song and learn HSM dances. Once Justin got the role, he had to go through a month and a half of dance and scene rehearsals. For 30 hours a week he studied just about every form of dance you can think of.

In Justin's free time he enjoy's going to the movies and playing video games like Super Mario Smash Bros and Rock Band.

Seven Bits of Trivia about Lucy Hale

  1. Lucy Hale is the oldest member of American Juniors.
  2. She performed on stage for the first time when she was eight years old in Memphis.
  3. Lucy best hobbies are dancing and shopping.
  4. She loves Roller Coasters and hates Ferris Wheels.
  5. Lucy is scared of snakes, flying and spiders.
  6. She is Five ft two inches tall.
  7. She is addicted to OC and has even guest starred in it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lady with the Midas Touch

Masiela Lusha is definitely a lady with the Midas touch. If you don’t believe then take a look at her career graph, which is enough to vindicate this statement. Masiela’s destiny was already decided when the Teen Magazine included her in the list of five for the “Most Likely to Succeed’ in 2000. Soon after that she was selected by a Hollywood agent from a list of 600 aspiring actors. From then on there was no looking back for this beautiful lady.

Be it television, movies, literature, or her personal life she has tasted nothing but success. George Lopez Show, the smash hit American sitcom, was a great break in Masiela’s TV career. Her role of the rebellious Carmen Lopez was liked by all and she got several awards for wonderfully portraying the inner conflicts of Carmen.

If we take into account Lusha’s movies, she got the opportunity to work with some of the great directors and the characters that she portrayed were all equally fantastic, be it Araceli in Muertas or Lisa in My Father’s Eulogy. Her forthcoming movies Time of the Comet and Blood: The Last Vampire are also incredible. It’s heard that she has performed both the roles with lot of conviction and passion.

As for Masiela’s literary career, it also had a great take off. She was awarded the youngest author in the world for coming up with her first book of poetry aptly titled ‘Inner Thoughts’ when she was all of 12 years. Her second book of poetry was published when she was 17. She is now busy finishing off her first novel, The Bessa.

Lusha is a philanthropist to the core and was lucky to be able to start her own charity organization. Her dream of setting up a community shelter with chains across America and Europe will soon be realized, as a first step she has started works for setting up the center in Palmdale.

So isn’t Masiela Lusha a lady with the Midas touch?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gypsy – A Musical Fable

Gypsy is a 1959 musical which starred Ethel Merman, Jack Klugman, Maria Karnilova, and Sandra Church in the title role.

Gypsy is based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous striptease artist, and gives prime importance to her mother, Rose, who has become synonymous with "the ultimate show business mother". The character of Louise is based on Gypsy Rose Lee, and the character of June is based on her sister, the actress June Havoc.

The musical contains many popular songs like "Small World," "Everything's Coming up Roses", "You'll Never Get Away from Me," and "Let Me Entertain You." It’s one of the crowning achievements of the mid-20th century's "Book Musical".

Gypsy has been referred to as the greatest American musical by numerous critics and writers, even the hard to please Ben Brantley and Frank Rich who compared it to King Lear. Theater critic Clive Barnes description of the character of Rose is "one of the few truly complex characters in the American musical...."

Daytime soap actress Emily O Brien has played Louise in one of the later productions and considers it an honour to have been thought capable of playing such a complex role.

How Carmen Captivated…

America’s sitcom-lovers will never forget Carmen Lopez of ‘The George Lopez Show’, for her vitality, vigor and her girl-next-door appearance. What about Masiela Lusha’s role as Carmen, captivated viewers? Let’s take a look.

Carmen Lopez, George Lopez’s daughter, is a high-school student often displaying annoying characteristics. She’s zealous and a rebellious force, who possesses the vehemence of a typical teenager. And that’s perhaps why teens identified with her and adored her character.

Carmen goes through the problems of a regular high-school girl and the courage that she displays while dealing with them, is the most appealing aspect of her role. Carmen’s character is completely empathized with, when she is forced to leave school because of a rumor spread by her ex-boyfriend and when she is expelled from her second school for running away and partying with a rapper.

Even in her brash ways, Carmen charmed her fans; especially when she tries to convince her boyfriend into having a baby. Although Carmen’s character was eventually written out of the story, her fans haven’t forgotten her. She is the prototype of an adolescent girl yearning to escape the confines of a family that doesn’t understand her. And this archetypal teen-temperament is what makes Carmen’s role entirely appealing to any Masiela Lusha fan.