Friday, August 1, 2008

Emily, the New Face of Animation

Just a second; simply glance through before you go to the next topic because what’s in your mind is not what you are going to read here. Yes, it is related to animation but it’s completely different from what you think. It’s not yet another animated movie in which Emily O’Brien is lending her voice. What Emily is doing is altogether a different concept known as facial animation in which her face is recreated digitally by converting the measurements of her face into animation. This is being attempted for the first time in the history of computer animation by Image Metrics, a leading animation company.

As part of this project, Emily would be the face of this Computer Generated (CG) character. Each of Emily’s facial expression would be reproduced on this CG ‘Emily’ model so that her fans won’t miss her when they see her ‘clone’ on screen; it will be that real.

It’s not sure what kind of innovative idea they have in mind as we have seen similar kinds of animations before. Who can forget Angelina Jolie mesmerizing everyone seductively in the motion capture computer animated picture, Beowulf? There is no inkling as to the difference between the two but it will be revealed soon as Image Metrics has plans of releasing this at the Siggraph convention scheduled to start in August this year. It’s been heard that Emily will be attending this computer animation festival. In that case, fans of Emily don’t miss this opportunity as you’ll get to see the real Emily and the CG Emily together for the first time at the same venue.

Watch this space for updates!

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