Thursday, August 7, 2008

Masiela Hosts ‘Models Around the World’

The philanthropist in Masiela Lusha was spotted again this July when she hosted the ‘Models Around the World’ charity event at Universal City Walk. This event was organized to launch the new TV show ‘Models Around the World’ and magazine. A humanitarian to the core she doesn’t miss any events that are organized for the poor and the helpless. She started her own charity foundation on seeing the plight of the people in her homeland. By hosting this event she was able to garner support for her foundation as well.

‘Models Around the World’, a new television show, aims to unearth the hidden talents of the world. The organizers of this show will travel the world to discover the local models, stylists and designers and give them a platform to showcase their talents. These participants will then compete against each other and the best of the lot will be awarded.

The organizers have also come up with a magazine called ‘MATW’ and the first issue of this magazine features Masiela Lusha on its front cover. Since Masiela is a model herself, her presence is in itself an encouragement for the participants.

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