Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blonde or Brunette- How do you like Masiela?

Masiela Lusha seems like a remarkable new star, capturing the minds of the young, as much for her looks as her other achievements. Her style has become quite popular since she appeared as Carmen Lopez in ‘The George Lopez Show’. She’s been spotted both as a brunette and a blonde at different times, carrying off both with terrific aplomb.

Carmen was a brunette, and looking like a real Hispanic. Masiela colored her hair blonde for the movie ‘Time of the Comet’ and for an upcoming flick ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’. She’s a face that goes with any color, and looks a natural in every. It’s tough to determine which style of Masiela Lusha we love more. Here’s a variety of Masiela Lusha photos to help you choose.

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