Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Charity Foundation with a Purpose

Not every person feels charitable. Not every person DOES charity. There’s a huge difference in thinking good and doing good. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of one incident that becomes a turning point; just like King Ashoka who turned to Buddhism with gusto after a bloody war. This is exactly what comes to mind when you read about Masiela Lusha’s life changing moment in Balkans, where she saw hopelessness and suffering that brought out the missionary in her to form ‘The Masiela Lusha Foundation’.

The foundation is still embryonic and hasn’t taken off on a full scale yet. It however, has great dreams and plans for making a difference to the lives of many children and their homeless families. They visualize tapping the potential, intelligence and strength of each individual who hasn’t been given a chance to realize them. Mothers and children will be nurtured to move on to a better life. The foundation will be working in tandem with other charitable organizations, with the pursuit to provide the best facilities.

The first of many targets is the construction of a community shelter in Palmdale, and a school nearby. Another goal is to build a community across America and Europe that shares success stories. It would be a haven for people who look to have a new lease on life. The third and the most primary aim, is to build the Masiela Lusha Foundation Academy, specifically established to groom children for leadership. Children will be encouraged to explore literature, delve into inspiring biographies and debate about successful leadership philosophies. The intention is to strengthen the students to face the world and make a difference.

Masiela’s charitable spree was visible even during her school days initially, and later during her stint with the ABC, when she participated in community service activities on a large scale. Here’s a wish that her foundation is resilient, and has the support system to stand through the worst. If every one of us takes a leaf out of Masiela’s book and really do some charity, the world would be an infinitely better place to live in.

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