Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Jana Hawkes – The Combo Personality!

It’s a real mystery why a particular twist in the drama is made. It leads to nail biting moments before we get to know what or who exactly is the reason. It is usually an unsuspecting character that takes credit for such twists and turns. Though television drama series presents many such characters, there are only a handpicked few who make the desired mark.

Dichotomous roles are a pleasure to watch, especially with the dashing and young Emily O’Brien as Jana Hawkes in the Young and Restless series. This character is portrayed in a new way that makes Jana special. She’s vulnerable and deceptive at the same moment. This usually comes from a seasoned actor and it’s a surprise that this series is the first for Emily. When there is a streak of mystery to a drama personality it makes viewers sit up. Well, that’s what makes the whole experience worth the watch.

Let’s wait and see how many more edgy moments Jana has to offer!

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