Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emily’s Love for Horror

Legs folded, hands gripping the armrest till the knuckles turn white; yet we continue to watch in fear to see the terror unfold. That is the magnetic pull of the horror genre. Horror films are an absolute adrenaline rush, and one actress who seems to have an obvious liking for ghosts and darkness is Emily O’Brien.

Look at her credit list of works; you’ll observe that there have already been two horror features in her career. This penchant has started as early as in 2003, when she was the lead in a student film called ‘Pleasant Dreams’, directed by Kevin Klauber. This one secured the third place in the San Diego Film Festival awards.

That must’ve just given her a taste of the thrill that creepy movies are. The gutsy girl has gone again on to be a part of the chilling 2006 movie ‘Séance’, directed by Mark L. Smith. One look at the trailer and it’s enough to make even the brave hearts scurry for cover.

There have been instances during the making of horror flicks, when actors have dropped out of the projects midway, because they lost their peace. But Emily’s gone on to do two of such a kind. This talented actress is definitely made of steel. Quite the Iron Woman, isn’t she?

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