Thursday, August 21, 2008

Compassionate Sister Agnes!

Wow! What Compassion. That is what comes to mind when Masiela Lusha lights up the screen in ‘Time of the Comet’. The movie is about a Catholic nun and a Muslim rebel. The story is about contradictions and Masiela is a perfect match to the contradictory feelings experienced by the nun. Her face is a personification of compassion and love to her roots and people in a time of political unrest. Such varied emotions and that’s what makes it such a lovely performance.

Lusha has the perfect combination of a naïve but determined personality. Agnes’s chemistry with Shestan is very powerful and they portray love that goes beyond barriers. What a change from Carmen Lopez, the free and happy youngster of The George Lopez Show. She shows how much she can adapt to scripts and modes of entertainment with ease. Let us wait and see how Masiela can get more creative with her roles!

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