Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emily, As Gypsy Rose Lee…

With her undying passion for acting, Emily O’Brien has worked her way to fame. While she still has a lot more to accomplish, her fans for sure would want to know more about her remarkable on-stage performances. Emily, who started with stage-plays at school, went on to pursue her theater majors in MiraCosta College. Her clear focus helped her in her career, and she soon found herself playing some exceptional roles on stage. Her role as Gypsy Rose Lee in ‘Gypsy’ was one such.

Shortly before moving to Los Angeles, Emily played the character of the infamous Gypsy Rose Lee. Set in 1939, ‘Gypsy’ is based on a true story of a girl named Louise, whose mother pushes her into burlesque. She then becomes the famous Gypsy Rose Lee, a stripper, who teased but never really stripped. ‘Gypsy’ was a musical and it required long, tedious rehearsals, and Emily untiringly worked to give her best performance.

Describing the narrative, Emily says that one of her favorite scenes was the strip sequence that required her to change into 5 or 6 different intricately designed dresses behind a curtain, with only two people to help her, and just a few seconds to do it. She had to then come out and sing a verse followed by a seductive monologue. Although it was a sweaty challenge for her, she claims it to be the best one by far.

Emily says that ‘Gypsy’ is probably her favorite and most memorable play. The play holds a special place in her heart, as she had grown very close to the cast and crew and also because it was her last year to perform with this cast before moving to LA. Emily O Brien now stands in the threshold of major stardom. Her talent and aptitude have become evident from her performance in ‘The Young and the Restless’. With her inspiring journey to fame, she sets an example for all those youngsters, who wish to make appropriate career decisions.

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