Thursday, August 7, 2008

Illuminary Visions

It’s no mystery that dreams are a start to any successful endeavor. Especially, in the world of Hollywood, you go nowhere without a dream. Most successful production houses in the industry have dreamed big. After the Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Disney, Fox and Touchstone, we hear there’s another production house that’s got mighty plans. Heard of Illuminary Pictures? It’s a one-year old foundation by the immensely talented Albanian American actress Masiela Lusha. Relatively, it’s a babe in the big jungle, but growing rapidly.

Masiela’s only 23 and it’s surprising to see that she’s the CEO of a production house this young. Very impressive! She has high ambitions for her company. The aim is to be a part of high-concept, commercially viable, and entertaining features that would make a cultural and humanitarian difference among the international audience. Masiela herself has had oodles of experience in the industry as an actress. She’s started her career seven years ago with ‘Summoning’. So it’s an early start as an actor as well.

Illuminary Pictures has some promising scripts in its kitty- ‘Graf’, ‘On, Cupid!’, ‘Angel Hair’ and ‘Yellow Rose of Savona’. The production house appears to be very technology-friendly and is waiting to bring out some special effects flicks from its stables. Seems like it’s on the right track. So, here’s wishing the young and ambitious Masiela Lusha all the luck!

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