Friday, August 8, 2008

Lucy, the Bionic Woman

Lucy Hale may not have portrayed the bionic woman herself, in the TV Show, but she sure is close to one in reality; at least in terms of her willpower. The fact that Lucy, still in her teens, has come a long way from being a singer to becoming an actor proves her determination in working towards her goal.

In NBC’s Bionic Woman, Lucy Hale plays Becca Sommers, the sister of the protagonist. Becca, a budding hacker helps her sister Jaime to reconnect with their parents who have neglected them due to their previous activities involving activism and saving the world.

Lucy, who started out as a singer in American Juniors 2003, ventured into acting after the band dissolved. She did guest roles in TV shows such as Drake & Josh, The O.C., and How I Met Your Mother. Her big break came with Bionic Woman in which she plays a significant role in the narrative. And that’s not all. Lucy Hale is all set for her big screen release ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’, in which she plays Effie, Lena’s sister. With this and her new show ‘Privileged’ coming up, Lucy is sure to prove that she’s a woman of strength and substance; a bionic woman indeed!

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