Thursday, July 31, 2008

Masiela’s Journey to Fame

Positioned at the threshold of major stardom, Masiela Lusha traced her journey, in an interview with Michelle Blood. Auditioning in Hollywood has its share of ups and downs. Looking back Masiela is sure to feel proud of how much she has accomplished in her journey to fame; although there’s still much more for her to prove in the time to come.

As a level-headed person, with a supportive family, Masiela made her way to Hollywood with her mother, to pursue acting. Her journey began with TV appearances on ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’. There’s no doubt that it’s her positive attitude that led her to succeed in all her endeavors. With her role as Carmen in over 100 episodes of ‘The George Lopez Show’, Masiela broke all barriers in her path to fame.

Arriving in Hollywood, Masiela started taking acting classes. And taking classes from different coaches broadened her exposure and made her understand the different viewpoints in acting. This enabled her to build her own approach to Hollywood- an approach that sure has worked wonders for her!

Auditioning for numerous shows was another one of the stepping stones to her success. Masiela’s first audition for an ABC show didn’t get her the role. She went in prepared for a comic performance when the audition was to test her skill in drama. This made her learn, although the hard way, that it is important to study every show in detail before any audition. When Masiela auditioned for ‘The George Lopez Show’, it was a long wait. She thought that she didn’t win the part and went on with her other auditions. But, the wait was an indication that ABC was actually considering her for the role. Masiela thoroughly enjoyed her role as Carmen and proved her aptitude with her spectacular performance. She quickly shot to fame as the prototype of a bold, zealous teenage girl.

Masiela Lusha has twin-dreams with regard to her literary and acting careers. Nothing can stop her from pursuing them. She has a very clear picture of her future and tirelessly works towards achieving what she desires. The fact that failures do not discourage her, but rather motivate her to do better, demonstrates her winning spirit, which is sure to take her to unimaginable heights of fame.

Masiela Trivia

Multi-talented Masiela is full of surprises; in her on-screen performances and in her literary works, she leaves an ever-lasting impact on her fans. If you’re her admirer, you’re sure to know that she’s 22 and was born in Tirana in Albania, is a Scorpio; and of course that she played Carmen in ‘The George Lopez Show’ and also that she’s all set for her big-screen flicks this year. However, a true Masiela Lusha fan is not gonna be contented with that much info. For all those ardent fans out there, here’s some cool Masiela trivia!

Answering some basic questions from, Masiela recently revealed some facts about herself, much to the delight of her fans: Would you have guessed your favorite star’s favorite channel is the Food Network? Or that she enjoys S’mores for dinner and for breakfast? Considering her hour-glass figure could you tell she’s a food fan and that you’ll find Coco Puffs and Fruity Pebbles in her cupboard? And here comes the ‘you-know-what’ revelation: Mc Donald’s is her favorite fast-food joint and she likes to order the double cheeseburgers. Can you believe that! Well of course, she sheds it all out doing her ballet everyday.

If you like Ariel from ‘Little Mermaid’ then you should be euphoric ’cause that’s Masiela’s favorite cartoon character too. And if you’ve been wondering, what’s the kind of thing that entertains Masiela Lusha, then here’s what you’ll find in her iPod playlist; Chinese, French and German pop and the weekly horoscope! Did you know that she owns a Sidekick cell phone and a Maltese named Daisy, who was a gift from the cast of the George Lopez Show, for her 18th birthday?

Masiela admits that she’s an extremely shy person, and that’s ironic considering that she’s a talented, ambitious, young woman. She likes to start her day by reading something intelligent. Someday, she wants to receive the Oscar and the Pulitzer Prize. So, let’s all wish her the very best of luck in realizing her big dream.

Muertas- Portraying Harsh Reality

As Araceli, a factory worker in Juarez, Mexico, Masiela Lusha demonstrated to the viewers her versatility and her ability to handle heavy roles, amazingly well. The story of ‘Muertas’ is based on the brutal killings in Mexico, and Araceli is one of the women of Juarez, who want to escape to America. When Masiela understood her role from the script, she realized the weight of her character and worked towards doing full justice to it.

In preparation for her role as Araceli, Masiela learnt Spanish, as the role required her to speak the language. She gave her best performance by memorizing the dialogues and giving them the right feel. Masiela draws inspiration from Araceli, in her conviction and willingness to take risks. “Portraying one of the characters victimized in Juarez was an experience I’ll never forget”, says Masiela.

Every film gives her a unique experience making her learn something about herself. Whereas Muertas, Masiela says, reflects her mother’s experiences of fleeing from a communist country. “The film was a tribute to my mother’s integrity and strength” she says. However, Araceli is a personification of inner power and determination- features that characterize Masiela Lusha as well.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High School Musical 3 Star Justin Martin

Justin Martin stars as Donny Dion, in the upcoming release of High School Musical 3. Donny Dion is the ball boy on a basketball team that idolizes Troy (Zac Efron) and Chad (Corbin Bleu).

Justin's sister was a fan of High School Musical, before he went to the first audition, so when the agency called for him to do a casting, he was very excited. In the audition he had to sing HSM song and learn HSM dances. Once Justin got the role, he had to go through a month and a half of dance and scene rehearsals. For 30 hours a week he studied just about every form of dance you can think of.

In Justin's free time he enjoy's going to the movies and playing video games like Super Mario Smash Bros and Rock Band.

Seven Bits of Trivia about Lucy Hale

  1. Lucy Hale is the oldest member of American Juniors.
  2. She performed on stage for the first time when she was eight years old in Memphis.
  3. Lucy best hobbies are dancing and shopping.
  4. She loves Roller Coasters and hates Ferris Wheels.
  5. Lucy is scared of snakes, flying and spiders.
  6. She is Five ft two inches tall.
  7. She is addicted to OC and has even guest starred in it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lady with the Midas Touch

Masiela Lusha is definitely a lady with the Midas touch. If you don’t believe then take a look at her career graph, which is enough to vindicate this statement. Masiela’s destiny was already decided when the Teen Magazine included her in the list of five for the “Most Likely to Succeed’ in 2000. Soon after that she was selected by a Hollywood agent from a list of 600 aspiring actors. From then on there was no looking back for this beautiful lady.

Be it television, movies, literature, or her personal life she has tasted nothing but success. George Lopez Show, the smash hit American sitcom, was a great break in Masiela’s TV career. Her role of the rebellious Carmen Lopez was liked by all and she got several awards for wonderfully portraying the inner conflicts of Carmen.

If we take into account Lusha’s movies, she got the opportunity to work with some of the great directors and the characters that she portrayed were all equally fantastic, be it Araceli in Muertas or Lisa in My Father’s Eulogy. Her forthcoming movies Time of the Comet and Blood: The Last Vampire are also incredible. It’s heard that she has performed both the roles with lot of conviction and passion.

As for Masiela’s literary career, it also had a great take off. She was awarded the youngest author in the world for coming up with her first book of poetry aptly titled ‘Inner Thoughts’ when she was all of 12 years. Her second book of poetry was published when she was 17. She is now busy finishing off her first novel, The Bessa.

Lusha is a philanthropist to the core and was lucky to be able to start her own charity organization. Her dream of setting up a community shelter with chains across America and Europe will soon be realized, as a first step she has started works for setting up the center in Palmdale.

So isn’t Masiela Lusha a lady with the Midas touch?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gypsy – A Musical Fable

Gypsy is a 1959 musical which starred Ethel Merman, Jack Klugman, Maria Karnilova, and Sandra Church in the title role.

Gypsy is based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous striptease artist, and gives prime importance to her mother, Rose, who has become synonymous with "the ultimate show business mother". The character of Louise is based on Gypsy Rose Lee, and the character of June is based on her sister, the actress June Havoc.

The musical contains many popular songs like "Small World," "Everything's Coming up Roses", "You'll Never Get Away from Me," and "Let Me Entertain You." It’s one of the crowning achievements of the mid-20th century's "Book Musical".

Gypsy has been referred to as the greatest American musical by numerous critics and writers, even the hard to please Ben Brantley and Frank Rich who compared it to King Lear. Theater critic Clive Barnes description of the character of Rose is "one of the few truly complex characters in the American musical...."

Daytime soap actress Emily O Brien has played Louise in one of the later productions and considers it an honour to have been thought capable of playing such a complex role.

How Carmen Captivated…

America’s sitcom-lovers will never forget Carmen Lopez of ‘The George Lopez Show’, for her vitality, vigor and her girl-next-door appearance. What about Masiela Lusha’s role as Carmen, captivated viewers? Let’s take a look.

Carmen Lopez, George Lopez’s daughter, is a high-school student often displaying annoying characteristics. She’s zealous and a rebellious force, who possesses the vehemence of a typical teenager. And that’s perhaps why teens identified with her and adored her character.

Carmen goes through the problems of a regular high-school girl and the courage that she displays while dealing with them, is the most appealing aspect of her role. Carmen’s character is completely empathized with, when she is forced to leave school because of a rumor spread by her ex-boyfriend and when she is expelled from her second school for running away and partying with a rapper.

Even in her brash ways, Carmen charmed her fans; especially when she tries to convince her boyfriend into having a baby. Although Carmen’s character was eventually written out of the story, her fans haven’t forgotten her. She is the prototype of an adolescent girl yearning to escape the confines of a family that doesn’t understand her. And this archetypal teen-temperament is what makes Carmen’s role entirely appealing to any Masiela Lusha fan.

Teaching Rich Kids

Rich kids are very hard to bring under your thumb. Be it a parent or a tutor, somewhere rich kids leave them behind. Their attitudes are very different from that of other kids their age. They come about as more world-wise, sophisticated and experienced beyond their age. Maybe it’s the money that makes them think that they are better than the rest of the world. Maybe it’s the exposure to high flying things that comprises of their parents’ lifestyle.

The standoffish and better than thou attitude that they treat everybody with right from the hired help to kids their age who are not as privileged as them is sometimes funny and at most times nerve-racking. These kids need to be handled very gently to be able to bring them around to face the realities of life and to make nice and down to earth human beings out of them.

A TV show that deals with the sense and sensibilities of handling rich kids is ‘Privileged’. It has Joanna Garcia, Ashley Newbrough and Lucy Hale in the lead. This is one show to look out for.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emily’s Inborn Passion

Even as a high-school girl, Emily O’Brien started to display traits of her inborn passion for acting. With her stage performances in plays at Carlsbard High School, she made her parents proud, who recall that acting is the only thing she wanted to do. Furthering her pursuit, she went on to do her theater majors in MiraCosta College.

“It's the talent and the passion that count in success”, said Ingrid Bergman. And that’s the case with Emily too. More than her awards and nominations, it’s her talent that speaks for her. Her roles ranging from Cosette in ‘Les Miserables,’ to Hodel in ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ and Gypsy Rose Lee in ‘Gypsy’ have confirmed this. She was named a finalist in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival’s Irene Ryan Acting Competition in 2005. Her passion however, continued to impel her into pursuing bigger goals.

Emily O’Brien started to cast a spell in her on-screen character in ‘The Young and the Restless’, in April 2006; a soap opera in which she plays a girl named Jana Hawkes, who works at a coffee shop for a living. Her aptitude reflected in her presentation as Jana, and she won accolades for her performance in the role. She is also set to reach out to fans in the world of new media with ‘Coma’, a seven-part series, created exclusively for mobile-viewing. Emily O’Brien may have a long way to go in her journey to stardom. But all her fans will agree that she has long since proved her capability in this regard.

The Social Activist in Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha may be known as a young star, making waves with her TV shows and her upcoming big screen venture, but few know the social activist in her. Lusha was still in her teens, when she joined the Great American Bake Sale campaign in 2004, to end childhood hunger.

In the campaign, Lusha encouraged kids to use their baking skills in the fund-raising bake sale and utilize these funds to help in attaining the goal to end childhood hunger. Lusha’s on-screen facades may not reflect her social activism. But, if you’re a Masiela Lusha fan, then you better be clued-up about her compassionate role in social causes.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lucy Hale’s Inspiring Journey

The little girl, who rocked the stage in American Juniors 2003, has since, come a long way. Who knew that she would cast a spell on us with her versatility? Her passion for music brought her to the limelight. But what made her more famous was her acting potential. She’s now all set for and anxiously awaits her big screen release- ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’. At this point in time, who wouldn’t like to discuss her inspiring journey, of a singer turned Hollywood celebrity?

Lucy Hale made her loved ones proud, with her very first public appearance in American Juniors in 2003. Her singing talent was widely acknowledged and appreciated. Nonetheless, she always held the passion for acting close to her heart. When the music band dissolved, her focus shifted to acting and she made guest appearances in TV shows such as ‘The OC’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and more. ‘The Bionic Woman’ and ‘The Privileged’, have however been the shows that brought out the best in her. What’s more, she’s now all set for grab attention on the big screen in her forth-coming movie.

Lucy’s movie is scheduled for release in August 2008 and is much awaited by her fans. She’s said to be playing a pivotal role of the character named Effie. Those who’ve already read the book would know the significance of Effie, in the narrative. And for those who’ve not, let it remain an element of suspense. And with all that talent Lucy possesses, it’s certain that she will make her crew proud!

An Audrey Hepburn Act

Emily O’Brien has gotten to live out her lifelong dream and ambition of posing as Audrey Hepburn in her legendary “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” persona, Holly Golightly. Emily was born in Bedfordshire, England, and her idol is Audrey Hepburn.

The way Emily carried herself off is amazing. Audrey Hepburn is a heavy act to follow. It takes a lot of guts to even want to try her look but to carry it with the panache that Emily did is truly incredible. That high head of hair, sparkling diamonds and the little black dress, she followed everything to the T and came a close second to the original.

Way to go, girl! You not only lived your dream, you did it with style.

Masiela Lusha and the Time of the Comet

The ravishing, sizzling and vivacious Masiela Lusha is back again as Agnes in the yet to be released romantic comedy ‘Time of the Comet’. But hold on guys; don’t start fantasizing as she is playing a Catholic nun in love with a Muslim rebel. Based on a book of the same title by the internationally acclaimed Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, it’s a film that Masiela can be proud of. Set in the backdrop of war torn Albania and the subsequent World War II, it narrates the beautiful story of a young woman on her way to become a nun against her wishes.

Masiela was last seen on the silver screen in 2007 with her powerful portrayal of Araceli in the documentary ‘Muertas’. This time she has an author backed role and if the inside sources are to be believed, Lusha has given a power-packed performance by expressing beautifully the inner conflicts of Agnes as well as her vulnerabilities to the core. Even the writer Ismail Kadare has appreciated her work in the movie.

It has got an international star cast with Blerim Destani donning the role of the Muslim rebel and the famous German actor Thomas Heinze appearing as King Wied. This film, though already released in Macedonia, is set to hit the theatres in USA in October, this year. One of the highlights of the movie is Masiela Lusha being tied on a crucifix. So fans of Masiela, gear up to watch her giving a stunning performance if not a sensual performance.

Emily O’Brien – The Roots

Emily O’Brien, the current leading lady of daytime soaps has quite interesting roots. She was born to a Persian mother and a British father and she owes her exotic good looks to them. Born and raised in Bedfordshire till she was 9 years old, she came to the United States with a pronounced British accent, which she tried to shed to be able to fit in; but it eventually was the factor behind her jump to fame. Her character in “Young and the Restless”, Jana Hawkes speaks with a British accent. Multilingual, Emily also speaks fluent Persian and also excels at French, Spanish and other European dialects.

Emily must be proud of her roots and her background, as her looks, language and talent have brought her where she is today– an Emmy nominee. It won’t be too long before she wins one.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Masiela Lusha’s Vampire Façade

Masiela Lusha is set to reveal her latest façade as a vampire in ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’. The movie is said to be a very promising package for Lusha’s fans and with all the views and reviews coming up, it sure has raised expectations. The movie is adapted from a famous anime with the same title and has been enhanced with action sequences choreographed by the famous Corey Yuen who worked on movies such as ‘War,’ ‘Bulletproof Monk,’ and ‘Transporter 2.’

As a vampire, disguised as an innocent high-school student named Sharon, Lusha will perhaps prove her versatility in any character that she plays. Having proved her capabilities in a comic role in ‘The George Lopez Show’, her aptitude for drama and romance in ‘Muertas’ and ‘Time of the Comet’, this movie would reveal yet another of her aptitudes- for action-based roles. Lusha herself seems to be quite impressed with the well-rehearsed sword-fighting sequences, which she says ‘felt like dancing’.

The story-line looks quite promising too, with Saya (Gianna Jun), as a government undercover agent who joins Sharon’s (Masiela Lusha’s) school to investigate and discover the disguised vampire. When Sharon’s façade is revealed, the action sequences begin, taking the viewers through a thrilling and chilling experience. ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’, is a film that has been very enjoyable for Masiela Lusha…will it be the same for fans like us? To find out, we’ve got to wait until October this year, for that’s when the movie is scheduled for release.

Lucy’s in the Sisterhood!

‘Effie’- That’s what Lucy will be called in ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2’. The theatrical trailer’s out and expectations about the movie are shooting up sky-high. Here’s some info for all Lucy fans who don’t want to remain ignorant…

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, a sequel to the summer block-buster of 2005 is an adaptation of the fourth and final book by the author Ann Brashares titled ‘Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood’. Along with Tibby, Lena, Bridget and Carmen, Lena’s sister named Effie (Lucy Hale) makes her entry, playing a crucial role in changing the friendship between the girls. Effie’s character significantly affects the outcome of the narrative when she tests the sisterhood’s friendship and the symbolism of the pants.

Being a fan herself, of the first Sisterhood movie, Lucy seems quite thrilled about the fact that she’s now a part of her favorite film. The sequel comes as a delight to all ‘Sisterhood’ fans and lovers of the book itself.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is scheduled for release on August 8, 2008. Now, what’s with this 888 sequence? Hope that’s some kind of a lucky number for Lucy Hale.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Facts that Make Masiela Lusha Inspiring

Masiela Lusha seems to me much more than an upcoming actress. There is so much of character to this girl that I absolutely love her. If you have taken one look at Masiela Lusha pictures, you will know why she has chosen the silver screen as her career. She is absolutely hot!

Masiela has, though only 22, long ago proved that she is more than just a hot commodity. She has authored and published a book in two languages when she was all of 12 years, which has made her the youngest author in the world. She followed up with her book of poetry, Drinking the Moon, showing that she was no fluke. Definitely intellectual.

Masiela has also a started a charitable institution for the homeless, which is a very compassionate and mature deed, considering that most other 22 year old actresses concentrate on looking good and attending the right parties. She was also named among the top 5 in the “Most Likely to Succeed” contest of teen magazine in 2000.

This girl is not just actress material, she is star material. Reckoning she will be one of the biggest stars of Hollywood by 2010 because beauty with brains is a rare combination.