Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Becoming Carmen Lopez…

Talking about ‘The George Lopez Show’, what’s the first thing that you recall? If your answer is ‘Carmen Lopez’, then it’s not surprising at all. That’s the kind of impact she left on us. Carmen Lopez is not just the favorite of viewers, but she’s Masiela’s favorite character too. Becoming Carmen Lopez has been an experience Masiela cherishes the most. So, wouldn’t you want to know how she became the Carmen who won our hearts? Here you go!

Masiela was just 16 when she auditioned for the role of Carmen Lopez. Since the character was just 13, she went to the audition dressed in an over-sized fuchsia pink sweater with Winnie the Pooh overalls. During the audition when Masiela proudly exclaimed that George’s character reminded her of her own father, the entire room burst out laughing and one of the writers said, “We’re sorry to hear that!” Masiela instantly fell in love with the crew and their relationship bloomed into a friendship during the following year.

It was almost a month, before Masiela received a call for the final auditions. While she continued to act during this period, she realized that none of her other roles was as appealing to her as Carmen. During her second audition at the ABC building, Masiela delved into her imagination and gave a performance that projected her aptitude for the role. It was this performance that introduced the unforgettable Carmen to us. Two hours later, Masiela got a call from the producers with an offer that changed her life forever.

Masiela Lusha went on to rock the show as Carmen Lopez. As a vehement, zealous, vigorous teenager, she won the hearts of many. Masiela still has many roles to play and many things to prove, but as Carmen, she’ll always remain in our hearts.

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