Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emily, Actor Theatre Personality

What is so special about theatre performers? They are actors who bring out varied emotions alive on the stage. There’s no re-take and it should be a coordinated effort from the entire cast. Emily O’Brien of ‘The Young and the Restless’ was the surprise package in the spring season of theatre festivals.

American College Theatre Festival is a blooming ground for budding talent. This festival is special for Emily, since she as alumni, has enacted scenes from "Moon over Buffalo," "Autobahn," "Dylan," and "Lend Me a Tenor". What a surprise to fans like me, who thought that she was a newcomer in the acting arena.

The varying tones combined with apt expressions seemed to be coming from a seasoned actress. Emily is a bundle of acting talent. Be it dramas or theatre she seems to walk away with all the accolades. It is no surprise that Emily was a finalist at the ACTF Festival in Phoenix, and a nominee at the festival in Utah. She also won the 3rd place for "Othello" at the DTASC Shakespeare Festival.

Theatre is one place which showcases the versatility of an actor. Actors like Emily make theatre personalities all the more unique and special.

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