Thursday, July 31, 2008

Masiela’s Journey to Fame

Positioned at the threshold of major stardom, Masiela Lusha traced her journey, in an interview with Michelle Blood. Auditioning in Hollywood has its share of ups and downs. Looking back Masiela is sure to feel proud of how much she has accomplished in her journey to fame; although there’s still much more for her to prove in the time to come.

As a level-headed person, with a supportive family, Masiela made her way to Hollywood with her mother, to pursue acting. Her journey began with TV appearances on ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’. There’s no doubt that it’s her positive attitude that led her to succeed in all her endeavors. With her role as Carmen in over 100 episodes of ‘The George Lopez Show’, Masiela broke all barriers in her path to fame.

Arriving in Hollywood, Masiela started taking acting classes. And taking classes from different coaches broadened her exposure and made her understand the different viewpoints in acting. This enabled her to build her own approach to Hollywood- an approach that sure has worked wonders for her!

Auditioning for numerous shows was another one of the stepping stones to her success. Masiela’s first audition for an ABC show didn’t get her the role. She went in prepared for a comic performance when the audition was to test her skill in drama. This made her learn, although the hard way, that it is important to study every show in detail before any audition. When Masiela auditioned for ‘The George Lopez Show’, it was a long wait. She thought that she didn’t win the part and went on with her other auditions. But, the wait was an indication that ABC was actually considering her for the role. Masiela thoroughly enjoyed her role as Carmen and proved her aptitude with her spectacular performance. She quickly shot to fame as the prototype of a bold, zealous teenage girl.

Masiela Lusha has twin-dreams with regard to her literary and acting careers. Nothing can stop her from pursuing them. She has a very clear picture of her future and tirelessly works towards achieving what she desires. The fact that failures do not discourage her, but rather motivate her to do better, demonstrates her winning spirit, which is sure to take her to unimaginable heights of fame.

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