Monday, July 14, 2008

Facts that Make Masiela Lusha Inspiring

Masiela Lusha seems to me much more than an upcoming actress. There is so much of character to this girl that I absolutely love her. If you have taken one look at Masiela Lusha pictures, you will know why she has chosen the silver screen as her career. She is absolutely hot!

Masiela has, though only 22, long ago proved that she is more than just a hot commodity. She has authored and published a book in two languages when she was all of 12 years, which has made her the youngest author in the world. She followed up with her book of poetry, Drinking the Moon, showing that she was no fluke. Definitely intellectual.

Masiela has also a started a charitable institution for the homeless, which is a very compassionate and mature deed, considering that most other 22 year old actresses concentrate on looking good and attending the right parties. She was also named among the top 5 in the “Most Likely to Succeed” contest of teen magazine in 2000.

This girl is not just actress material, she is star material. Reckoning she will be one of the biggest stars of Hollywood by 2010 because beauty with brains is a rare combination.

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