Friday, July 25, 2008

Lady with the Midas Touch

Masiela Lusha is definitely a lady with the Midas touch. If you don’t believe then take a look at her career graph, which is enough to vindicate this statement. Masiela’s destiny was already decided when the Teen Magazine included her in the list of five for the “Most Likely to Succeed’ in 2000. Soon after that she was selected by a Hollywood agent from a list of 600 aspiring actors. From then on there was no looking back for this beautiful lady.

Be it television, movies, literature, or her personal life she has tasted nothing but success. George Lopez Show, the smash hit American sitcom, was a great break in Masiela’s TV career. Her role of the rebellious Carmen Lopez was liked by all and she got several awards for wonderfully portraying the inner conflicts of Carmen.

If we take into account Lusha’s movies, she got the opportunity to work with some of the great directors and the characters that she portrayed were all equally fantastic, be it Araceli in Muertas or Lisa in My Father’s Eulogy. Her forthcoming movies Time of the Comet and Blood: The Last Vampire are also incredible. It’s heard that she has performed both the roles with lot of conviction and passion.

As for Masiela’s literary career, it also had a great take off. She was awarded the youngest author in the world for coming up with her first book of poetry aptly titled ‘Inner Thoughts’ when she was all of 12 years. Her second book of poetry was published when she was 17. She is now busy finishing off her first novel, The Bessa.

Lusha is a philanthropist to the core and was lucky to be able to start her own charity organization. Her dream of setting up a community shelter with chains across America and Europe will soon be realized, as a first step she has started works for setting up the center in Palmdale.

So isn’t Masiela Lusha a lady with the Midas touch?

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