Thursday, July 31, 2008

Muertas- Portraying Harsh Reality

As Araceli, a factory worker in Juarez, Mexico, Masiela Lusha demonstrated to the viewers her versatility and her ability to handle heavy roles, amazingly well. The story of ‘Muertas’ is based on the brutal killings in Mexico, and Araceli is one of the women of Juarez, who want to escape to America. When Masiela understood her role from the script, she realized the weight of her character and worked towards doing full justice to it.

In preparation for her role as Araceli, Masiela learnt Spanish, as the role required her to speak the language. She gave her best performance by memorizing the dialogues and giving them the right feel. Masiela draws inspiration from Araceli, in her conviction and willingness to take risks. “Portraying one of the characters victimized in Juarez was an experience I’ll never forget”, says Masiela.

Every film gives her a unique experience making her learn something about herself. Whereas Muertas, Masiela says, reflects her mother’s experiences of fleeing from a communist country. “The film was a tribute to my mother’s integrity and strength” she says. However, Araceli is a personification of inner power and determination- features that characterize Masiela Lusha as well.

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