Thursday, July 31, 2008

Masiela Trivia

Multi-talented Masiela is full of surprises; in her on-screen performances and in her literary works, she leaves an ever-lasting impact on her fans. If you’re her admirer, you’re sure to know that she’s 22 and was born in Tirana in Albania, is a Scorpio; and of course that she played Carmen in ‘The George Lopez Show’ and also that she’s all set for her big-screen flicks this year. However, a true Masiela Lusha fan is not gonna be contented with that much info. For all those ardent fans out there, here’s some cool Masiela trivia!

Answering some basic questions from, Masiela recently revealed some facts about herself, much to the delight of her fans: Would you have guessed your favorite star’s favorite channel is the Food Network? Or that she enjoys S’mores for dinner and for breakfast? Considering her hour-glass figure could you tell she’s a food fan and that you’ll find Coco Puffs and Fruity Pebbles in her cupboard? And here comes the ‘you-know-what’ revelation: Mc Donald’s is her favorite fast-food joint and she likes to order the double cheeseburgers. Can you believe that! Well of course, she sheds it all out doing her ballet everyday.

If you like Ariel from ‘Little Mermaid’ then you should be euphoric ’cause that’s Masiela’s favorite cartoon character too. And if you’ve been wondering, what’s the kind of thing that entertains Masiela Lusha, then here’s what you’ll find in her iPod playlist; Chinese, French and German pop and the weekly horoscope! Did you know that she owns a Sidekick cell phone and a Maltese named Daisy, who was a gift from the cast of the George Lopez Show, for her 18th birthday?

Masiela admits that she’s an extremely shy person, and that’s ironic considering that she’s a talented, ambitious, young woman. She likes to start her day by reading something intelligent. Someday, she wants to receive the Oscar and the Pulitzer Prize. So, let’s all wish her the very best of luck in realizing her big dream.

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