Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Masiela Lusha’s Vampire Façade

Masiela Lusha is set to reveal her latest façade as a vampire in ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’. The movie is said to be a very promising package for Lusha’s fans and with all the views and reviews coming up, it sure has raised expectations. The movie is adapted from a famous anime with the same title and has been enhanced with action sequences choreographed by the famous Corey Yuen who worked on movies such as ‘War,’ ‘Bulletproof Monk,’ and ‘Transporter 2.’

As a vampire, disguised as an innocent high-school student named Sharon, Lusha will perhaps prove her versatility in any character that she plays. Having proved her capabilities in a comic role in ‘The George Lopez Show’, her aptitude for drama and romance in ‘Muertas’ and ‘Time of the Comet’, this movie would reveal yet another of her aptitudes- for action-based roles. Lusha herself seems to be quite impressed with the well-rehearsed sword-fighting sequences, which she says ‘felt like dancing’.

The story-line looks quite promising too, with Saya (Gianna Jun), as a government undercover agent who joins Sharon’s (Masiela Lusha’s) school to investigate and discover the disguised vampire. When Sharon’s façade is revealed, the action sequences begin, taking the viewers through a thrilling and chilling experience. ‘Blood: The Last Vampire’, is a film that has been very enjoyable for Masiela Lusha…will it be the same for fans like us? To find out, we’ve got to wait until October this year, for that’s when the movie is scheduled for release.

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