Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Carmen Captivated…

America’s sitcom-lovers will never forget Carmen Lopez of ‘The George Lopez Show’, for her vitality, vigor and her girl-next-door appearance. What about Masiela Lusha’s role as Carmen, captivated viewers? Let’s take a look.

Carmen Lopez, George Lopez’s daughter, is a high-school student often displaying annoying characteristics. She’s zealous and a rebellious force, who possesses the vehemence of a typical teenager. And that’s perhaps why teens identified with her and adored her character.

Carmen goes through the problems of a regular high-school girl and the courage that she displays while dealing with them, is the most appealing aspect of her role. Carmen’s character is completely empathized with, when she is forced to leave school because of a rumor spread by her ex-boyfriend and when she is expelled from her second school for running away and partying with a rapper.

Even in her brash ways, Carmen charmed her fans; especially when she tries to convince her boyfriend into having a baby. Although Carmen’s character was eventually written out of the story, her fans haven’t forgotten her. She is the prototype of an adolescent girl yearning to escape the confines of a family that doesn’t understand her. And this archetypal teen-temperament is what makes Carmen’s role entirely appealing to any Masiela Lusha fan.

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